Primary Woods Used

When purchased by her current owner, Delfin had been finished to the highest standard on the exterior by her previous owner, but was an empty shell.  All interior woodwork, cabinetry, wiring, equipment and fixtures had been removed. 

The principal design consideration for interior layout and finish was to maximize liveability, minimize maintenance, and present a look that was consistent with the 1960's vintage of the hull design.  A 'downeast' Herreshoff look was chosen, which emphasized clean white bulkheads with offsetting dark woodwork.  Principal woods included:
  • JatobaThis renewable South American wood is harder than white oak, has a slightly open grain requiring filling, and weathers naturally without stain to a rich orange red.  It was used for all vertical surfaces, window frames and interior doors.
  • Padauk.  An African hardwood, Padauk starts off almost vermillion red but oxidizes with exposure to UV light to a chocolate brown.  It is hard and very rot resistant.  It was used for most horizontal wood surfaces.
  • Moabi.  An African hardwood that has an intricate grain, is highly stable and ding resistant.
  • Big leaf maple.  A Washington native, this hardwood maple has a prismatic look to it when cut correctly.  It weathers to a honey white color.  Its use was limited to the saloon table top, and the top of an exterior aft cabinet.


To flatten the grain, all wood was filled with Interlux Interprime sealer.  This goes on very quickly, and after 4 to 8 coats when sanded flat has filled the grain and sealed the wood.  This was followed with 8 coats of Epifanes Rubbed Effect varnish which is extremely hard, levels well and casts the wood with a non-varnished waxed look.