Drawing restoration courtesy of Sean Herron
Delfin is a 55' steel hulled Romsdal trawler.  She was originally launched in Alesund, Norway in 1965 and traveled on her own bottom to Long Beach, CA.  She was purchased by Mr. Bill Rogers in 2000, who with the able help of Mr. Alan Day, undertook an extensive refurbishing of a vessel in great need of TLC.  Mr. Rogers had Delfin completely gutted, audio gauged, sand blasted, repowered, faired and painted.  Her current owner purchased her as an empty, but splendid, shell in 2003.  All interior systems from plumbing, wiring, hydraulics, and cabinetry were added and she was relaunched as an essentially new vessel in 2007.

The links to the left will provide information on the history of the Romsdals, Delfin's refit, and the different systems that bring her alive.

Making a living while cruising:

For a number of years we've successfully used seasonal commodity spread trading to finance both Delfin's restoration and a cruising kitty.  A Yahoo users group is available to learn this strategy by searching Yahoo Groups using group name MRCI.  The forum was started to allow for the sharing of ideas for cruisers interested in learning how the strategy works.  No one has any financial interest in what anyone does with their money, and the group is offered only as a way for amateurs to learn from each other.