Heating and Cooling

Hydronic heating is used for the primary source of warmth, utilizing a Kabola B-17 boiler with water/air exchangers located in each space.  A single 24 vdc circulating pump on the Kabola silently moves hot water through a loop to each water/air exchange heater. On the way, the heated water passes through a 120 volt water heater, then through a heat exchanger on the CAT.  When at dock, the 120 water heater can be primary; underway, the CAT takes over and at anchor or without shore power, the Kabola does the job.

Just cause its pretty, we also installed a Dickinson Newport bulkhead heater in the saloon, but this unit puts out enough heat it frequently is all we use on a cold morning.  The visible flame is very cozy, and one can spend hours whiling away the time lighting, cleaning and generally futzing around with this wonderful little unit.

For a/c, a Flagship 16,500 btu unit was installed below decks and a 24,000 unit is used to cool the saloon and pilot house.  The system is closed, with cooling of the water passing through the exchanger looped through half of the the old half pipe keel coolers.  It runs very, very quietly.  Living in Washington State, a/c is not exactly a top priority, but on the 14 hot days we get a year, the system works fine.